Thymus Thump

The Thymus glands job is to produce and process T-cells or white blood cells. You can stimulate your immune system by stimulating the thymus gland which is located behind the breastbone.

Make a gentle fist and tap or gently pound over the thymus rhythmically. When ever I share this with students I always think of Tarzan swinging through the jungle and pounding his chest. Maybe he was onto something and all that chest pounding had a greater purpose, :).

Up the positive vibes by smiling. If you can focus on something you love, but you don’t have to. Sometimes when you are particularly feeling low it can be hard to think positive. Putting a smile on your face can help get that shift going.

Another good tool is the sound “ha”. Yep you got it. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Make it rhythmic with the thumping. Laughter stimulates the immune system. The “ha” sound sends a positive vibration into your body to shift the negative energy.

Give it a try.

ha ha ha ha ha :)

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